Host an Event

Awareness Event – Getting Started
If you are considering hosting a Team Tourette event in your community, you are on the verge of raising awareness while changing the views and educating the community about Tourette Syndrome. The TAA National Office is here to provide you with the necessary resources while supporting you along the way. Let’s start spreading Tourette Awareness together! If you have any questions about Team Tourette or hosting an Awareness Walk, please contact Brianna Falcone at or call (718) 224-2999 ext. 227.

Why Host a Team Tourette Awareness Event?
By hosting a Team Tourette Awareness event you are raising much needed funds for local and national support programs and educational events for families and individuals impacted by Tourette, the medical and allied health professionals community and the general public. This is also a great opportunity to network with local businesses, volunteers, social leaders and many others!

Who Can Host a Team Tourette Event?
Anyone! Whether you are a student, part of an organization that hosts fundraising events for charity, a TAA Chapter member, a Support Group member, someone who knows someone with Tourette, etc. We encourage everyone interested to help us spread awareness.

Sponsorships & Donations
When hosting a Team Tourette event, make sure to reach out to local businesses with sponsorship opportunities. If sponsorship is not an option for them then in-kind donations are always welcome. Make sure to have a letter prepared when reaching out to these businesses and let them know that food, drinks, products, gift cards, monetary donations, etc. are all accepted forms of in-kind donations for your event!

National Office Support
You may be asking yourself some of the following questions;

  • What are the logistics of putting an Awareness event together?
  • I know this is a wonderful idea, but where do I even start?
  • Have no fear, the Tourette Association of America National Office is here! We set up an online registration system to collect fees and registration information for each participant, email pledge documentation and fundraising information out to participants, maintain accounting for all funds received on team fundraising pages, provide full time support for questions and concerns about the event and fundraising tools and help you promote your event through our newsletters, social media accounts and email blasts and so much more! For further details and information please reach out to Britney Wolf at or 718-224-2999 ext. 227.